To use AngularPlasmid, first determine your comfort level with AngularJS and/or JavaScript build tools

Option #1

Not familiar with AngularJS

If you're not familiar with AngularJS, click on the link below which bundles AngularPlasmid, AngularJS, and some initialization scripts.


Option #2

Familiar with AngularJS

If you're familiar with AngularJS, then click on the link below which contains just the core AngularPlasmid services and directives.


Option #3

Familiar with Bower

If you're familiar with bower you can also download the library using the following command:

bower install angularplasmid


Option #1 - Not familiar with AngularJS

  1. Download the Option#1 file above
  2. Create a blank webpage that is in the same directorty as the above javascript file

Option #2 - Familiar with AngularJS

  1. Download the Option#2 file above
  2. Include the above script after your AngularJS script declaration
  3. Include a reference to the angularplasmid module in your app declaration

Option #3 -Familiar with bower

  1. You probably know what you're doing.


AngularPlasmid requires the following components:

Once you've downloaded the necessary file and performed some of the steps above, you can begin to use AngularPlasmid's declarative markup to create a new plasmid. Let's go through a step-by-step example of how to do this :

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